September 18, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
10155 Pacific Heights Boulevard
San Diego
CA 92121

The San Diego and Imperial District Export Council is proud to sponsor the 12th Annual CompTIA Global Trade Compliance and Best Practices Conference to be held in San Diego on September 18, 2018.  Registration is now open and I hope you’ll consider attending the conference.

This “industry only” all-day event is rated best in class by past attendees.   Unlike other trade compliance workshops that are typically led by government representatives, this conference is designed for, and presented by, industry professionals who encourage open discussion of issues and challenges as they share best practices in trade compliance.

Date:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Time:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm (PT)

Note:  This is an IN PERSON only event.

Location: Qualcomm
10155 Pacific Heights Boulevard
San Diego, California 92121

Cost: $295 CompTIA and Partner members, $395 non-members

Panel Topics:
-Pro-active Trade Policy Management in the Post-Globalization Era

How can you stay abreast of trade policy changes and manage risk?
The US administration is disrupting long held practices regarding free trade. In this dynamic environment, trade professionals must assess the risks and opportunities policy changes present for their companies. Doing so can be difficult given the high stakes and the complexity of the rules.

-An Era of Trade Enforcement
Remaining compliant as the United States’ trade policy continues to push boundaries.
With such a varied and ever-changing landscape as discussed in our first panel, how can you be sure you’re keeping your company compliant?  Rest-assured, our esteemed panelists have come together to help you navigate through the tangle of new trade policy initiatives to ensure you don’t end up tomorrow’s headline.

-Europe – From Brexit to GDPR – Understanding the Implications to Trade Compliance
Ensuring Trade Compliance stays current with European regulations.
Compliance to regulations doesn’t end at the U.S. border, nor are we limited to complying with just direct trade regulations. We’ll discuss the latest developments in the EU as they apply to trade professionals.

Breakout Session Topics:

-Deemed Export Drama:The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Are you facing challenges of licensing delays, restrictions and denials more so than before?  Have you found yourself in situations where you have too many licenses to manage, you lose track, or let some “slip through the cracks”?  Have you ever considered applying for a site license to ease the number of licenses you need to apply for every year?  With the new administration and political environment, there are more and more challenges pertaining to deemed export licenses and technology controls. Please join our round table discussion to share your deemed export “drama” and benchmark best practices with your peers from other companies and industry associations.

-Is the ITAR still a 4 letter word?
Working toward a kinder, gentler ITAR
The USML saw, and continues to see, a massive shakeup due to Export Control Reform, and proposed changes to defense services, cloud computing, and various exemptions may alter how US companies work with the ITAR.  But have these changes made the ITAR any less of a dark and scary place?  What changes could still be made to the ITAR that would achieve the government’s goals and make it easier to comply with?  Come discuss these ideas with your peers at our roundtable

-You’re Doing What???!
How and why you should stay on top of what’s being developed in your company.
Two minutes before shutting down for the night, an urgent email pops into your inbox. A business unit you’ve never heard of needs to immediately ship a prototype of their latest product you’ve never heard of to a customer in a controlled country. The shipping department told them to call you to get an ECCN and HTS, which the business unit has never heard of. They describe their product that they’ve been working on for over a year, and your only response is, “You’re doing WHAT???!”  —- but then you wake up and it was all just a nightmare… or was it? Join this round table and share great ideas for how you stay on top of the business, inject trade compliance into your company’s culture, and communicate trade news that is relevant to the company. Or, if you think this nightmare has good chance of actually happening to you, come join this discussion and get pointers for how to lessen those chances… and start sleeping better.

-Metrics and Risks
The ability to identify and measure trade related risks enables companies to make better business decisions, stay compliant and avoid trade controversy. But how do you know if you are measuring what really matters? Join this round table to share ideas for how to effectively measure compliance, systems/tools your company uses to measure risk, and how to leverage trade data provided by government authorities. We’ll also discuss tax/customs authorities’ digitization initiatives, and whether or not these initiatives change the way you monitor and measure risk.

Please contact Ken Montgomery at kmontgomery@comptia.org to register or with any program questions.