The second module of the Supply Chain and Logistics Apprenticeship Program (SCLAP) for Cargo and Freight Agent at Southwestern College concluded with the participation of eleven apprentices. Apprentices from Casas International Brokerage, Inc. and Grupo- Logistics/Calexico Forwarding Inc. of California participated in the program. The second module included Introduction to Business Logistics Management course at Southwestern College’s Higher Education Center in Otay Mesa. During the last session, the course instructor Professor Bernardo Andrade, MBA, a long-term instructor of the Southwestern College International Logistics and Transportation Program and a Senior Logistics Manager at Dr. Bronner’s, a top-selling brand of natural soaps in North America, stated the question: “Describe what was your favorite topic during our course and explain how would you use it and/or apply it to your daily professional life.“ Every apprentice provided their opinion of what this meant for them. Their comments were accurate and shared their experiences for the entire class.

The third cohort of Supply Chain and Logistics Apprenticeship Program (SCLAP) includes 12 apprentices who are working full-time and attending classes two times a week. Through the On-the-Job Training (OJT), the apprentices are advancing and learning their competencies associated with the Cargo and Freight Agent occupation. Employers with apprentices participating in the program include CASAS International BrokerageRuffo de Alba Forwarders, LPOtay Logistics, Inc, ODT Logistics Inc, local customs brokers and freight forwarders with offices in Otay Mesa and VA San Diego Healthcare System.

The San Diego CITD developed the apprenticeship program through the grant awarded by the California Community College’s California Apprenticeship Initiative New and Innovative Grant Program. SCLAP is an approved program by the State of California’s Division of Industrial Relations’ Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS). Recruitment of apprentices and employers for the program is ongoing. For additional information about SCLAP, visit