Air quality report reveals ozone in San Diego County needs improvement

By SDCN Editor

San Diego, CA–The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District published its 2022 Air Quality Report as mandated by California Assembly Bill 423 (Gloria, 2019), which separated the agency from the County of San Diego. 

The report includes how through the governing board’s direction, the agency has been changing and growing. 

The report provides information on the air quality in San Diego, with a focus on the ozone, for 

which San Diego County is currently in nonattainment per California and Environmental 

Protection Agency standards. The report outlines the initiatives and programs the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District has implemented to help improve the ozone levels in San Diego County as well as maintain the attainment status of other measured criteria pollutants. 

Another component is to highlight the importance of areas in San Diego County that have 

historically been overburdened by the burden of air pollution. To highlight the importance of 

those areas, San Diego County Air Pollution Control District adopted an Office of Environmental Justice Framework and Equity Statement so that all actions and policies adopted by the agency are implemented with environmental justice in mind. 

“Having clean air is essential to the health of our communities in San Diego County” said

Marcus Bush, San Diego County Air Pollution Control District Governing Board Chair, “Air pollution is a contributor to asthma and cancer, especially in communities that have been burdened by air pollution. With our work at SDAPCD, we are reducing air pollution and making progress toward improving community health and our environment.”

The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District is a government agency guided 

by its governing board that regulates stationary sources of air pollution within San Diego 


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