Authorities investigate fatal officer-involved shooting on trolley

By SDCN Editor

San Diego, CA–Authorities are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting of a suspect who was reportedly armed with a firearm on a San Diego trolley Sunday.

The San Diego Police Department received a call about a disturbance on the trolley located at the Iris Avenue Trolley Station. 

According to authorities, a witness allegedly saw a man with a possible firearm on the trolley that was traveling south towards the San Ysidro Trolley Station.  

Two officers were dispatched to the location at around 8:56 p.m. When they arrived at the San Ysidro Station, passengers began evacuating the trolley car. Officers gave the suspect several verbal commands to drop the alleged firearm he was holding in his hand. He ignored the officers’ commands and began to advance toward them while pointing the weapon at them. This prompted one of the officers to fire his rifle at the suspect, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Paramedics were called, and the officers immediately rendered first aid to the suspect, but he succumbed to his injuries.

The identity of the man is not being released at this time. 

The Medical Examiner investigator arrived at the scene and took possession of the decedent’s body, and will attempt to identify him.

The firearm the suspect used is a Glock replica .177 caliber CO2 BB gun, which shoots metal pellets. 

Per the Countywide Memorandum of Understanding, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Unit was called to the scene to conduct the officer-involved shooting investigation.  

Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Multiple witnesses saw the suspect with the firearm and acting erratically, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

When the Sheriff’s Department Homicide Unit completes its investigation, the case will be reviewed by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office to determine if the officers bear any criminal liability for their actions. 

The San Diego Police Department will conduct an administrative investigation into the officer’s discharge of his firearm. The Commission on Police Practices will conduct a review of the incident and provide any appropriate recommendations. 

The Department of Justice was notified of the incident and declined to respond. The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the United States Attorney’s Office will also be monitoring the investigation.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Homicide Unit at (858) 285-6330/after hours at (858) 565-5200.   



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