San Diego Airport Arts program unveils temporary exhibition

San Diego International Airport’s Arts program will run until the end of 2023. Photo provided by San Diego International Airport

By SDCN Editor

San Diego, CA–San Diego International Airport’s Arts Program has completed the installation of its latest temporary exhibition A Necessary Departure, located throughout Terminal 2 pre-and-post security.

A Necessary Departure is a collection of works from 17 local artists and organizations that examines personal transformations and how the San Diego community has remade itself after the pandemic. Pieces speak to themes that developed out of this unique period in history, through the lens of San Diegans who experienced it in their own ways.

“Through this exhibition, we can reflect on the journey of the past several years, and how our community continues to transform itself after the pandemic,” said Kim Becker, CEO and President of San Diego International Airport. “We are proud to provide this platform for local artists and arts organizations to showcase their work to the traveling public.”

Types of artwork in the exhibition include sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics, and site-specific installation. All exhibition pieces will remain on display through 2023.

Each year, the Arts Program identifies an exhibition theme relevant to San Diego and the Airport and invites interested exhibitors to submit proposals related to that topic. Exhibitors are selected based on their creativity, unique use of media, and relevance to the proposed theme.

For more information about A Necessary Departure, the airport’s temporary exhibition program, and other Arts Program initiatives, visit

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