San Diego joins agencies to shed light on housing discrimination

By SDCN Editor

San Diego, CA–April is National Fair Housing Month and the City of San Diego has several resources residents can use to educate themselves about fair housing, including a hotline to report issues.

The City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department along with the San Diego Regional Alliance for Fair Housing and the San Diego Housing Federation will hold the 8th annual Fair Housing Conference. It will be held virtually on April 26 and April 27, with the theme “Crashing Through Hidden Barriers to Fair Housing.”

Each year, more than 30,000 Americans say they face discrimination while trying to secure housing, according to the National Fair Housing Alliance. 

This issue is almost a 9% increase in complaints received by fair housing agencies since 2020.

“Housing discrimination is an issue that continues to plague the community, 55 years after the federal Fair Housing Act was enacted,” said Christina Bibler, director of Economic Development Department. “This conference will offer an opportunity to explore fair housing protections and solutions for improving our communities.”

A recent report by the National Fair Housing Alliance said an overwhelming number of housing discrimination goes undetected or unreported. The report says housing providers may engage in different types of discrimination such as being dishonest about the availability of housing, the price of rent, undervaluing the appraisal of a home because of the race of the homeowners, and much more.

The San Diego Regional Alliance for Fair Housing is composed of members of the fair housing community, government entities, enforcement agencies, and housing providers. The group’s mission is to ensure that all residents in San Diego County have equal access to housing. 

The Fair Housing Conference explores critical fair housing issues that are impacting San Diego County and its diverse communities. All interested San Diegans are encouraged to attend the conference.

Anyone who suspects they are a victim of housing discrimination can call (844) 449-3500.



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