Handgun comment prompt Imperial Beach school lockdown

By SDCN Editor

Imperial Beach, CA–Imperial Beach Charter Elementary School Tuesday went into lockdown after school officials were informed of a student possibly having brought a handgun to school. 

The information was relayed to school staff members around 10:35 a.m. after a student was overheard making a comment about having a handgun during one of the school breaks. The school staff acted quickly in locking the school down and notifying law enforcement, Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Omar Vega-Armenta stated in a news release.

Deputies from the Imperial Beach Sheriff’s Station responded to the school, contacted the student associated with the comment, investigated, and determined there were no weapons at the school. 

The school was released from lockdown after it was determined no weapons were present. 

The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident further to ensure there are no additional safety concerns. 



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