Oceanside police hold catalytic converter etching event

By SDCN Editor

Oceanside, CA–The Oceanside Police Department and Crash Champions will host a free Catalytic Converter Etching event on May 13 for vehicle owners in North County. 

The catalytic converter etching will run from 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Crash Champions, located at 510 Jones Road in Oceanside. 

The event is part of a multifaceted strategy that the Oceanside police have implemented to address the increase of catalytic converter thefts occurring nationwide.

Catalytic converters are vehicle parts that contain valuable platinum group metals like rhodium, iridium, and palladium. The increase in these thefts coincides with the cost of these precious metals and the demand for catalytic converters due to increasing vehicle emission regulations. 

Criminals can steal a catalytic converter in minutes, using tools found at hardware stores, leaving the owner with costly parts to replace and repair.

Matching a stolen catalytic converter to the vehicle it was stolen from is essential in pursuing a criminal case against the thieves. Police urge vehicle owners to engrave their vehicle’s identification number on their converter to link the part to their car. The engraving can also alert buyers to stolen parts. This will also help investigators reunite victims with a stolen part, potentially preventing the expense of a replacement. 

All participants will have their catalytic converters etched with an identifying number. This etching will provide law enforcement with valuable information should it be stolen and later located by law enforcement personnel during subsequent investigations. Oceanside police personnel will be available throughout the day to provide valuable tips to help keep your vehicle safe. This event is provided at no cost to participants.

Participants are encouraged to register for an appointment time. To register, visit bit.ly/ETCHCATCH. 



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