Sheriff’s Dept. investigates teen fight at a community center

By Gina Yarbrough

Santee, CA–The Sheriff’s Department is investigating a fight that broke out at a community event Thursday in Santee.

The incident occurred just after 7:30 p.m. at the Town Center Community Park in the 500 block of Park Center Drive. 

The City of Santee hosted a concert in the park for the community with approximately 1,500 people in attendance. About 100 unsupervised teens came to the park during the event

At some point, two teens became involved in a fight with each other. Multiple other teens joined in the fight and one sustained minor injuries. During the altercation, one adult tried to detain one of the teens involved and was assaulted by several other teens.

Deputies responded, attempted to render aid, and conducted an investigation. During their investigation, the crowd of teens became unruly. Due to the size of the crowd and continued hostility, additional deputies responded with the assistance of the Sheriff’s helicopter ASTREA. The large crowd was eventually dispersed and there were no other victims located. 

During their investigation, several people told deputies of another assault that potentially occurred. They attempted to locate victims, witnesses, and additional evidence. At that point, no other victims or witnesses have come forward or provided any additional evidence of an assault.

Two people suffered minor injuries. Eight suspects were identified in connection with the fight. 

It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Department not to release identifying information about minor victims or suspects. 

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